iproOur technology: The Ipro software, the most efficient currently, allows us to limit intermediaries, to calibrate ultra-millimeter parameters, and to eliminate the margins of error. This technical innovation avoids going back and forth with the factory, recalibrations, adaptations.The glass is perfectly adjusted immediately. There are no longer any power, axis and centering shifts, to the 10th of a millimeter.


The Visioffice column

The Visioffice column, equipment which allows taking the most precise parameters possible, is also available in all our stores. The device calculates the pupillary distance to the 10th of a millimeter, evaluates the exact direction of rotation of the eye, determines which is the dominant eye and estimates the reading distance. We can also calibrate the glasses with an accuracy of one nanometer, while the usual margin is one micrometer. Thus, far vision is 30% sharper, and for progressive lenses, the fields of vision are widened by 70%.








 The Mr Blue 2.0 Grinder

Network with the rest of our devices. We carry out all assemblies in store. These are double checked.




The Visionix VX130 +

Combines an auto-refractor (automated view examination), a horny topographer, an aberrometer. This device provides us with the essential data to perform an accurate eye exam.





 Human precision and expertise

Our teams are also trained to calculate all calibrations by hand, human precision and expertise that no website can match. No more than a virtual relationship can offer warm and reassuring psychological support. With Optic Vision, who wants to travel far spares his mount. Especially if it is a design frame.