Progressive lenses

We are authorized Varilux Center optometrists. When you purchase a pair of Varilux progressive lenses, we will fill  you a special Varilux Center card that will gives you access to nine exclusive services.

Varilux Center

  1. Specialized advice service: Your optometrist is constantly trained to all the latest innovations and techniques of presbyopia correction. Do not hesitate to ask for a personalized analyse.
  2. Guarantee of Authenticity: when delivering you your new glasses, your optometrist will issue you a Varilux certificate of authenticity. In addition, the Varilux progressive lenses are discreetly laser etched as a proof of quality and authenticity.
  3. Satisfaction Guarantee: If, after an adjustment period of 30 days, you are still satisfied with your Varilux lenses, they will be replaced free of charge by other corrective lenses from Essilor.
  4. Break Warranty: Your Varilux lenses are covered by a break warranty of one standard exchange (same correction, same material), valid for a period of 36 months starting from the date of purchase. This includes a deductibility of 0% the first year, 33% the second year and 66% the third year. The warranty does not apply in case of scratches or chips on the edge of the lenses and will be validated only if the broken lenses are returned.
    To take advantage of this warranty, a bi-annual maintenance of your frames is required.

  5. Robbery  warranty: Your Varilux lenses are covered by a robbery warranty for a one standard exchange (same correction and the same material), valid for a period of 36 months starting from the date of purchase. This includes a deductibility of 0% the first year, 33% the second year and 66% the third year. The warranty will be valid in exchange from a police report.
  6. Varilux® Travel asistance: To avoid breaking your vacation for a pair of glasses, your Varilux® Center is committed, whatever your holiday destination in the European Union, to send you a repair kit consisting of a pair of "far vision" and a pair of "near vision." Receiving the kit is provided within 48 hours excluding weekends. Only possible once within 36 months from the date of purchase. The telephone number Varilux® Europe Travel Assistance is on your membership card.
  7. Free maintenance:on presentation of your Varilux center membership card your glasses will receive a free maintenance (adjustment on the face, tightening of the screws, cleaning of the frame by ionisations and replacement of the nose pads.)
  8. Screening: At the last maintenance of  your Varilux equipment, your Varilux® Center will proceed to a free screening and will advice you on the opportunity to visit an ophthalmologist in order to conduct a more thorough review and get a new prescription.
  9. Immediate reparation: In case of urgent repair (loss of a screw or setting), the network of Varilux Centers will make every effort to assist you.


Varilux S-Series

Varilux S-Series lenses are the latest generation of progressive lenses. These are the first progressive lenses made in nanotechnology. Thanks to the measures taken with the Visioffice tower we can make lenses  with a 30% more precise distance vision , 30 % wider fields of vision and an optimized reading zone compared to previous generation of progressive lenses. The pitch effect and deformation of lines frequent in progressive lenses older generation are also removed. The Visioffice tower allows us to take additional measures beyond the standard parameters (which are the sphera, cylinder , axis, pupilliary distance and pupilliary height) for the realization of your progressive lenses. These measures are the center of rotation of the eye ( x , y, z) , the determination of the dominant eye , the shape of the frame (width and height of the lenses , the distance between lenses ), the distance between the lens  and the eye ( the vertex ) , the inclination of the frame on the face , the curvature of the frame and the reading distance.